The Uniform

One thing many Cadets look forward to is being issued their very own Air Cadet Uniform.  The Cadet uniform is a source of great pride as it shows not only their link to the Squadron, but also their own accomplishments in their time as a Cadet.  Cadets are responsible for maintaining their uniform to a certain standard and will have to learn how to use a washing machine, iron and shoe polish to keep their uniform looking sharp.

The pages in this section will give you an idea of what uniforms our Cadets will receive, as well as illustrated references regarding our uniform standards.

Cadets shall make their way to Supply in the basement on Monday evenings to get sized for their uniforms.  If Supply has any of the components in stock, they will be issued immediately. Any components that need to be ordered, will be and  cadets will then be notified when their uniform components arrive. The ordered components may take a few weeks to a few months to arrive. 

The Squadron has a fixed budget to purchase uniforms each year. It is critical that the Cadet takes care of his/her uniform, keeps it cleaned and pressed and returns it to the Squadron when he/she leaves the Squadron or outgrows the uniform.  Each Cadet is given training on how to look after the uniform and may be required to pay for replacements. 

Beginning in 2021, all of our Cadets will be issued the following:

Ceremonial Dress Uniform 

Field Training Uniform 

Additional uniform items may be provided to cadets attending Summer Training Courses.  All of these items must be returned upon leaving the Cadet program or while exchanging them as Cadet outgrows items. 

CADET DRESS REGULATIONS:  Air Cadets across Canada are expected to follow the national standards regarding the care and use of their uniforms.  This ensures a common, professional image of the Air Cadet Program across the country.  This National Standard can be found in A-CR-CCO-100/AG-001 CADETS AND JUNIOR CANADIAN RANGERS DRESS INSTRUCTIONS, published at the Cadet 365 Dress  and Drill Sharepoint site.

NAMETAG: The name tag is worn above the pocket on the right side of the Ceremonial Dress uniform's tunic and dress shirt. The placement changes if the Cadet has also earned the Cadet medal(s). Medals are worn on the tunic. The ribbon representing the medal can be worn on either the tunic or the dress shirt - depending on the order of dress.  NOTE: The wearing of the name tag on tunic or shirt are at the discretion of the CO. Name tag is not to be worn on the T-shirt or Parka.