Squadron Training

- To Learn, To Serve, To Advance -

This is the motto of the Air Cadet Program and is s guide to how we deliver our training.

​To Learn

Cadets are given new knowledge and skills to develop through their time. Training is centered around the following topics:

- Citizenship and Leadership -
- Canadian Forces Familiarization and Traditions -
- Physical Fitness and Healthy Living -
- Sport Marksmanship and Biathlon -
- Aviation and Aerospace -
- Aircrew Survival -

To Serve

Taking an active part in running the Squadron Level Program, Cadets learn how to serve as leaders within an organization balancing the goals of the organization as a whole with the development and wellbeing of their peers and subordinates. Cadets may start with simple tasks to prepare a classroom, or move some training aids, but will soon become leaders and instructors responsible for the development of younger Cadets.

Cadets also take part in different Community Activities and are encouraged to become role models within the community outside of the Cadet Program as well.

To Advance

Squadron Level Training is a progressive training model where Cadets experience a variety of topics, and then expand and delve deeper into each topic from year to year. Cadets will also be provided with greater levels of responsibility as they move from being team members to leaders with accompanying progressing through a rank structure.