Our People

The Air Cadet Program is run through partnerships between the Department of National Defence and the Air Cadet League of Canada each with representatives at the National, Regional and Local levels.

Training at the Squadron level is made possible through the teamwork between our Cadets, Staff and Sponsoring Committee.  This page provides information on each of these groups.

Our Cadets

Our Cadets are the reason behind our program and are at the heart of everything we do.

Representing Canada's youth, our Cadets are a group of 12-18 year old's seeking experience, knowledge and adventure.  Coming from diverse backgrounds, each Cadet brings a new perspective to he Squadron and provides a new group of peers and friends to work with throughout a Cadets career.

While the Air Cadet Program is standardized across Canada, each Cadet comes in looking for something different.  We hear all sorts of reasons from the Cadets joining our ranks: learning to fly, becoming a leader,  taking on a challenge, trying new things, making new friends and many more reasons.  Regardless of the reason, we look to help our Cadets achieve their goals.

​Our Cadets also become leaders within the Squadron.  Cadets are first developed into leaders within their peer groups teaching them to be role models within the program, and the community.  Older Cadets then help with the development and instruction of younger Cadets, all under the supervision and guidance of adult staff.  Cadets can strive to take on leadership roles for small groups within their Flight, teach younger Cadets during their periods of instruction, or take on support roles to help our program run smoothly.

One of the guiding principles within our Squadron is that this is a program FOR the Cadets, BY the Cadets.

Squadron Staff

The staff who work with 199 Squadron come from all walks of life and are often former Air Cadets themselves.  Be they students, teachers, frontline workers, members or former members of the Canadian Forces the staff have one thing in common – their dedication to the development of Canada's youth.

Most of our staff are Officers enrolled in the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Services (COATS), a branch of the Canadian Forces Reserves whose primary function is the training and development of cadets. They are subject to the military code of discipline and have access to a variety of training courses throughout their career.

Along with our Officers, we have civilian instructors (CI's), civilian volunteers (CVs), member of the Regular Forces and Reserves that help train and supervise the cadets. They choose to help within the Air Cadet Program for a number of reasons.

All staff must undergo security checks and complete a Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) through their local municipal police force before being allowed to work with the cadets.

Capt. Andre Vautour, C.D.

Commanding Officer

Capt. Evan Murray, C.D.

Deputy Commanding Officer

Capt. Marc Pelletier, C.D.

Administration Officer

Lt(N) Shari Howells, C.D.

Training Officer

2Lt Crystal Truong


OCdt Mozidat Wahab

Supply Officer
Effective Speaking Co-ordinator

Mr Daniel Diment


Ms Sylvie Malo

Band Officer



Sponsoring Committee

The Air Cadet Program is a unique partnership between the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Air Cadet League. This partnership can be found at all levels of the program: at the national level, the provincial level and, most importantly, at the community and squadron level.

Each Squadron is sponsored by a local organization. Depending on the unit, they may include parents, community members, service clubs, town councils and corporations.  The sponsors form a Sponsoring Committee that assists in the operation of the Squadron.

Sponsoring committees are responsible for:

Here at 199 Squadron we have a dedicated group of volunteers who form our Sponsoring Committee. This group organizes fundraising activities, manages the Squadrons funding and rent, acts as a contact with the provincial and national levels of the Air Cadet League and runs a local canteen and kit-shop for the unit.

Mr Giovanni Spina

Sponsoring Committee Chair

Vice Chair

Mrs Rakshita Joshi


Mr Leif Larsen


Mr Chris Brown

Fundraising Chair


Mrs Elizabeth Montgomery