Weekly Announcements

The last 2 weeks of announcements are published every Tuesday

Squadron Orders

Squadron Policies provide specific direction for our Squadron Level operations.

  • Standing Orders provide general guidance to ensure training can be conducted in a safe, professional manner;

  • Terms of Reference outline the responsibilities of Cadets and Staff members in different roles;

  • Fire Orders establish location specific direction with a view to fire prevention and response; and

  • The Parade Format outlines the general format of local Parades.

  • CJCR Dress Instructions outline the standards for wearing the Cadet Uniform and the various orders of dress. (Not all apply at 199 RCACS)

Training Schedules

The folders below contain lesson and Instructor assignments for upcoming LHQ Training.

Instructors are reminded that it is their responsibility to identify a replacement Instructor should they not be available for an assigned lesson.

Instructor Resources

The links below contain the most current references to assist our Instructors with lesson planning. These include:

  • Qualification Standard and Plan (QSP): Outlining the Training Program for each Training Level

  • Instructor Guides: Giving information and references as to how lessons can be delivered

  • Other training references and materials

Cadets are encouraged to use these resources to develop their own personal lesson plans.

  • Cadets will require their Cadet365 Accounts to access these resources