Uniform Requests Status

Uniform requests are filled on non-parade days to be ready for pickup on Monday nights. Due to the sheer number of uniform requests, expect delays in having your request filled.

Order Number Legend

Order Number: 202x-xxx-REQUEST TYPE (Year-Number-Request Type)

Request Type: I = Initial Issue. Cadet will receive both Ceremonial and Field Training Uniform
Di = Ceremonial Uniform Initial Issue
De= Ceremonial Uniform Exchange
Fi = Field Training Uniform Initial Issue
Fe = Field Training Uniform Exchange

Partial and Complete Uniform Requests Ready for Pickup (Sorted Alphabetically) - Last Updated: 27 June 2022

Order Number Last Name First Name Notes

2022-029-I Berhanu Abigail

2022-040-I Chernick Jaycob

2022-021-I Jang Dongbeen

2021-060-I Kim Sunmo

2021-061-I Lee Minseo

2021-033-DiFe Lee Salome Zvi Partial Order

2022-043-I Luro Samuel

2022-032-I Moges Nardos

2022-037-Fe Patel Preet

2021-068-I Rajkumar Yashwin

2021-074-I Sasikumar Jainesh

2021-088-Fi Stetsko Mykhaylo

2022-044-Fi Teologo Wynona

2021-070-I Xia Vanessa

2021-071-I Xia Ivy

Uniforms Requests Waiting on Uniform Parts to Ship (Sorted Alphabetically) - Last Updated: 25 June 2022

Order Number Last Name First Name Status Logistik Unicorp Order Placed Last Logistik Order Shipped

2022-024-I Ajayi-Raheem Ridwanulai Partially shipped May 23 June 7

2022-018-DeFi Ajayi-Raheem Roheemat To be shipped March 13

2022-027-I Akangbe Mahmood To be shipped May 22

2021-050-DeFi Bashir Raghees Partially shipped March 6 March 18

2022-030-I Falana Aisha Partially shipped June 5 June 17

2022-025-I Gao Yide To be shipped May 22

2021-043-I Houle Roger To be shipped March 13

2021-029-I Juras Taylor Partially shipped April 19 May 5

2022-020-I Kartha Nandana To be shipped May 23

2021-079-I Kim Yedarm To be shipped May 23

2021-033-DiFe Lee Salome Zvi Partially shipped May 3 June 2

2021-086-I Manivasan Varsana To be shipped April 19

2022-006-I Rentoria Jandie To be shipped May 22

2022-038-I Soetan Afolabi To be shipped May 23

2021-037-De Wei Samuel To be shipped May 3

Uniforms Requests Waiting to Be Filled (Sorted in Order Received) - Last Updated: 27 June 2022

Order Number Last Name First Name