PO M232.02 - Explain the Components of Piston-Powered Internal Combustion Engines

By the end of this lesson you shall be expected to identify the components of piston-powered internal combustion engines.

It is important for cadets to learn about the components of piston-powered internal combustion engines so that
they can develop an understanding of subsequent and related principles of aviation.  As a student pilot this would be what propels the first types of aircraft you would learn to fly.

After watching the two videos, answer the questions in the form below. All of the answers are in the videos (except for the bonus questions). Your responses are due by 11 April 2020 to be assessed.

For those interested in the manufacture and repair of Piston-Powered Internal Combustion Engines, Winnipeg's very own Aero Recip Canada Ltd specializes in the field (https://aerorecip.com).


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