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Air Cadet Fitness Assessment

The Air Cadet Fitness Assessment provides units with an opportunity to provide accurate and reliable information about a Cadet's personal fitness, to promote regular, enjoyable physical activity, to help leaders determine a Cadets needs and to recognize Cadets for establishing physical activity behaviours that will lead to fitness development.

Cadets will participate in four stations designed to test Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Strength and Muscular Flexibility.  The following stations form the test:

20 Meter Shuttle Run Test

Cadets will run a series of 20 meter laps starting at an easy pace and progressively becoming more challenging as time passes.  Cadets are expected to continue running until they can no longer keep up the required pace.  This station is scored by the number of laps completed.

Curl Ups

Cadets will complete a series of curl-ups with knees bent and feet un-anchored at a pace one every three seconds.  Cadets will complete this until they are provided a second form-correction, are no longer able to continue or complete 75 curl-ups.  This station is scored based on the total number of curl-ups completed.

The Push Up

Cadets will complete a series of push ups from an elbow angle of 90 degrees at a pace of one every three seconds.  Cadets will complete this until a second form correction is made or the Cadet can no longer continue.  This station is scored based on the total number of push-ups completed.

Shoulder Stretch

Cadets will complete this assessment of upper arm and shoulder flexibility by reaching one arm over the shoulder on the same side, and the other arm behind the back to touch the fingertips.  This station is scored by a 'Yes' or 'No' based on whether the Cadet can tough their hands together in this manner.

Upon completing all stations Cadets will be awarded one of the following levels based on their overall performance:

- Excellence;
- Gold;
- Silver;
- Bronze; or
- Participated

A Cadets participation and success in the Air Cadet Fitness Assessment has recently been included as a mandatory requirement for certain levels of promotion.  It may also be used as criteria for Cadets who are competing for certain appointments or other opportunities.

Full details on the fitness assessment may be found in CATO 14-18 on the CCO Extranet site.