The Squadron

199 St. Vital Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron was formed effective 10 September 2003 after a decision was made by the then Commanding Officer of 176 RCACS, Maj James Forestell, that the unit was approaching a nearly unmanageable amount of cadets.

199 Squadron was a former World War II Air Cadet Squadron based in St.Vital. The Squadron was under the command of Flight Lieutenant James L. Findlay, a pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Flight Lieutenant Findlay was an excellent example of the diversity available in the Air Cadet Program, in addition to his interest in aviation and the Air Force he had a keen interest in ensuring the unit had a band on parade. This commitment is reflected today with the F/L Findlay Memorial Award for the top Cadet Musician from 199 Squadron.

The Squadron staff has remained dedicated to seeing the Cadets in the Squadron advance and develop. The squadron had seen the leadership of Maj James Forestell, Captain Andre Vautour and Captain Evan Murray. Each has brought a fresh dynamic in the development of the Cadets and Staff under their command.

The Mascot of 199 Squadron is a Phoenix, to signify the past of 199 Squadron and is a fitting symbol for a unit which has a constantly revolving corps of Cadets advancing through the program.  The motto, Auctus Sapienta Vincent (Growth Wisdom Excellence) signifies the potential that all cadets strive to reach at 199 RCACS. Both the Mascot and Motto were chosen by the Cadets of 199 Squadron.

199 Squadron has fostered partnerships with many community organizations in order to meet their training objectives.  Most notably is the Squadron's partnership with the Winnipeg South Osborne Legion who for years has provided training facilities for weekend activities run by the Squadron.  For the 2015/2016 training year the Squadron is proud to expand on this partnership by moving the regular training program to the South Osborne Legion.