Do You Have What It Takes to Tell Our Story?

posted Nov 27, 2018, 7:56 PM by 199 St Vital RCACS

For the past couple of years our Region has been developing Cadet Correspondents at our Summer Training Centres.  These are the Cadets that you have seen taking photos and videos which have been posted to the various Social Media sites run by the camps.  This year our Region is looking to take this program to the next level by developing Cadet Correspondents at the Squadron level.

As a Cadet Correspondent you would receive training with our Regional Public Affairs section in order to help ‘tell the story’ of the Cadet Program here at 199.  From there you would work along with our Staff to help maintain a positive presence on Social Media and other sources which could be used.  You would also be eligible to further develop your skills at Regional and national events (Marksmanship, Biathlon…) as well as being eligble to be hired as a Cadet Correspondent at a Summer Training Centre.

Cadet Correspondents must have attained the rank of Sergeant or above and would benefit from additional skills outlined in the attached TOR’s.  As there is only room for one Cadet from each Unit at the Regional Workshop, interested Cadets should submit a typed narrative (no more than one page) through the Chain of Command to the Commanding Officer no later than 6 Dec 2018. This narrative should state your interest in the position and outline any relevant skills, training and experience you may have that would aid you in this role.

I will highlight that regardless of this role, all of our Cadets should be encouraged to come forward and share their stories, photos or videos of their time in the Cadet program.  I am committed to the concept that there is no better person to share the Cadet experience than the Cadets who are experiencing it themselves.