The Uniform

The Cadet uniform is a source of great pride as it displays the individual's accomplishments during their time as a Cadet. There are many details and questions that frequently come up about the Cadet uniform. Where do the badges go? Here are some resources to answer those questions and many more.

CADET DRESS REGULATIONS:  The full version can be found in CATO 55-04 - Air Cadet Dress Regulations, published at the National Cadet File Repository.

NEW BADGE PLACEMENT GUIDE: In April 2016, we received a guide to the new badges that are starting to become available. It is a good resource while we are waiting for the updates to the dress regulations (CATO 55-04). Check it out!

NAMETAG: The name tag is worn above the pocket on the right side of the jacket and dress shirt. The placement changes if the Cadet has also earned the Cadet medal(s). Medals are worn on the jacket. The ribbon representing the medal can be worn on either the jacket or the dress shirt - depending on the order of dress.  NOTE: The wearing of the name tag on jacket or shirt are at the discretion of the CO. Name tag is not to be worn on the T-shirt or Parka.

Here are a few diagrams to show name tag placement: