Optional Training

In addition to the Mandatory Training provided, the Cadets at 199 Squadron have the option to participate in a number of Optional Training activities.  These can include either one day activities put on or supported by the Squadron or weekly training in specialized areas supporting the Squadron and developing the skills of the Cadets involved.

Activities have included:

Weekly Activities & OICs

The following activities are offered to Cadets who are interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in the designated areas.  In addition to the specialized skills they will also be provided further opportunities to develop skills in various leadership and administrative roles.

(September - June)
1400-1600 Winnipeg South Osborne Legion
426 Osborne St
 CV vanWyk
MondayDrill Team 
(October - June)
1830-2100 Winnipeg South Osborne Legion
426 Osborne St
 CV Judd
(September - May)
1800-2100 St Louis Centre
445 Tissot St
 CV Hosein
Wednesday   Ground School
(October - January) 
 1830-2100Building 135, 17 Wing Winnipeg 2LT Darcel